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ZF S6-36 Gearbox Mainshaft Assembley ii Setp By Step Part-2,


ZF S6-36 Gearbox Mainshaft Assembley ii Setp By Step Part-2 Hello friends In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you how to assemble the ZF-S6 GEARBOX MAINSHOFT Friends have created a total three part of the Gear box montage,

To do Mainshoft fitting, we have to do Mainshoft fitting in two parts, Mainshoft fitting rear side in fast then second site Mainshoft fitting Front side
(1) Mainshoft fitting rear side
(2) Mainshoft fitting Front side

Before making the Mainshoft fittings, we have to clean all the parts that are fitting in the Mainshoft such as Gear Hub, Syncro, Syncro Ring, Syncro Hub, Non Slider, Mainshoft, Roller Bearing, etc. Have to turn on the ZF S6 GEAR BOX Mainshoft fitting later,

The Mainshoft is to be fitted from the back side, then the back part of the Mainshoft is to be placed on the top side. Put the main soft on top of any non, and start Fitting the Mainshoft. First of all number 2 gear and roller bearing fitting. Then we have to do two number gear synchrono ring and synchro hub fitting then another  number gear hub fitting then number slider one and number two gear is fitting. After that we have to install the synchro insect, synchrono and spring, then fitting the synchro ring and synchro hub, then fitting one number non and roller bearing, after fitting one and two numbers we get from non correct or Do not check by checking, now we have to do reverse gear hub fitting. The reverse collar of the reverse gear hub will be up and then reverse gear gear and gear roller bearings will be fitted after that roll. Bearing is to make slu fittings. Be careful that the roller bearings are not defective or broken when fitting the slu. The slough is very tight fitting. ZF 6S GEAR BOX Mainshoft when fitting the slu and roller bearings to gether. Mainshoft fitting is completed.

As the Mainshoft fitting is done from the back side, now we have to stand the Mainshoft and then start fitting then first of all we have to do three number non and three number roller bearing fittings followed by synchronizing and synchropheb fitting. Then number three and number four is to do the Gear hub fitting, then we have to do the Gear slider fitting, after that we have to install the synchro insect after that. Fitting and synchronizing hub fitting is then four number gear and roller bearing fitting followed by roller bearings fitting the slu while fitting the slu and roller bearing fitting to gether followed by ZF S6 GEAR BOX in Mainshoft Locking is now done, we do five number gear and roller bearing fittings, after that we have to do synchro ring lower synchro hub fittings then five number and six number gear hub fittings. Non slider fitting is to be done, then a synchro kit is to be fitted, followed by a synchro ring and synchro hub fitting, followed by a lock to the Mainshoft.

So guys, you can do Mainshoft fitting of ZF S6 GEAR BOX likewise.

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