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ZF 850 Gear Box Remove Step By Step Ashok Leyland 2518,

How To Open ZF-850 Gear Box

ZF 850 Gear Box Remove, Hello Friends I am Ravi Kharkhate Today we are going to tell you through this blog post how to open ZF-850 Gear Box Step by Step Full in Hindi Details, Ashok Leyland 2518 “ZF-850”

Gear Box ac Series
Before opening the zf 850 gear box, we have to open all the AC series of the gear box such as clutch housing, gear selector assembly, PTO pump assembly, reverse gear, then we have to open the gear box

Clutch Housing Open
The first thing we need to do is to open the clutch housing, we have to put a release bearing bearing lacquer bandage over the release bearing. There is a grease ada painter on top of that strip, open it and release it to release bearing. Take it out and then release the bearing also by opening the bolt by opening the bolt, then after opening all the nuts of the number 10 stand of number 19 and the clutch from the back. Housing will get out due to a slight injury to Singer from Hammer

Selector Assembly Open
After opening the clutch housing, now we have to open the zf 850 gear selector assembly. To open the selector, first of all, we have to open 8 bolts of number 13 to open it, after that the hammer in the bottom of the selector, light injury from the hammer, Non-selector assembly will exit

PTO Assembly Open
To open the PTO assembly, we have to open the PTO pump first. The PTO pump has a stand of 17 of the number 17 in the number 17 of the number 17 of the number 17. Open the nut and take out the stray pump. After that the PTO has to open the housing. To open the housing, the number 4 of 19 is to be erected. Open the nut of that stand, after that the housing will come out of the back of the housing with a slight hammer from the side hammer.

Reverce Gear Open
To open the zf 850 reverse gear, first we have to open the reverse gear. A plate is placed on the top of the reverse idle non. Open all the bolts of that plate by taking the bolt open and then after that a reverse number of 13 is above the reverse idele gear. The bolt is attached to lock the pean, open that locking bolt and take out the pean then after that take out the reverse gear

Gear Box Open
To open the zf 850 gear box, we have to keep the check of the main soft key loose and after that we have to open all the bolts of the top cover. Total 17 number has 19 bolts. After opening all the bolts of the top cover, after opening the top cover The dowel has to be pulled out by hitting the bottom side, then take it out with a slight injury from the side of the top soft, take it out, take it out and then after that non-shifting Open the six-bolt bolt on both sides, take out the fascia, then take out the cup penis by removing the man soft check net. Then the ZF-850 gear box has a switch above the reverse gear lock and open it and There is a reverse gear switch and a detect pledger open it too. After that we have to reverse the zf 850 gear box and hit the main soft from behind, whenever the main soft will hurt whenever the main. Both soft will have to be raised lightly and keep them centered, after that if you have to hit then the main soft bear stays a bit tight in the seat, will get out of hitting.

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