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How To Wheel Hub Maintenance & Wheel Hub Shims Setting Full.


How To Wheel Hub Maintenance & Wheel Hub Shims Setting Full Details, the first thing to do is to clean all the parts that are fitting in the wheel hub such as bearing, oil seal sleeve, bearing cover, check nut, axle, axle nut, lock bolt, sleeve and hub, etc. After this the hub fitting is done, the wheel hub will be fitted in three steps.
1) Wheel Hub Shim Settings
2) Wheel Hub Assembly
3) Wheel Hub Fitting

To set the Wheel Hub Shims, we have to fit all the parts in the hub like we first have to do a big oil sleeve sleeve fitting, then we have to do a big bearing fitting, then we have to fit the hub after that, then we have to do a bearing distance sleeve fitting and now we have to Small bearings and small seals have to be tightened to the chainset by fitting the sleeves, after which the play check of the hub is to be done. The dial gauge will know how much play is required, fitting the SIM accordingly, the play of the Will Hub should be from 0.00MM to 0.04MM, adjusting the play of The Wheel Hub requires either SIM or How to remove the check nut if the hub is jammed after full titing, then we have to insert the shim according to the dial gauge or if there is more play in the hub then removing the SIM means we have to reduce it if we do not have a dial gauge. Can we have two-Setting Wheel Hub according to the settings will have to enter the Shims three times but also can further settings I

To maintain The Wheel Hub, first of all we have to do a big cob sleeve fitting in the gulla, then fill the grease in the big bearing, while filling the grease, keep in mind that grease across means the grease from the other side of the side from which we are filling the grease. If Grease is coming out or not, then if Grease has come, then understand that grease is filled properly in Bering. This is to be followed by putting grease in The Wheel Hub. Grease 900 g will be put in the hub. After that, the outer part of the hub is to be held downward and the inner part is upside down, then the bearing is to be inserted into the hub. Take care not to band while fitting the oil seal. Do the fitting properly. Now we have to do the dust cover fitting. Before fitting the dust cover, do the packing fitting. T cover to the fitting to the 10 bolts 10 number of dust covered by tight.


To fit the Wheel Hub Assembly in the car, we have to fit the wheel hub directly into the gulla and hold the wheel hub upright and then do the setting simus fitting which we did while setting the wheel hub. The sim has to be fitted, now we have to fit the bearing distance sleeve and then do a small bearing fitting and after fitting the sleeve is fitted. To do this, now we have to make the check net full tight and while tying the check nut, there is a hole in the checknet and gulla to lock the check nut. Should we have to do a small oil seal fitting, after fitting the oil seal, now we have to tighten the checknet with a lock bolt, the check nut will be locked. If you are not having trouble getting axle Fittings Wheel The Axle, then push the axle down a little bit, and rotate the hub and get the hole, then tighten the axle with all the stand nuts after that. We have to install the brake drum and get the tire fitting done, once the tire fitting is done we will have to set the brake once.

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