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Tippet Adjusting Neptune N4 Engine Full Details Step By Step


How to Tippet Adjusting Neptune N4 Engine Full Details Step By Step Hello friends I am Ravi Kharkhate and today through a block post we are going to tell how to set Tippet, step by step of Ashok Leyland 2523 Captain NEPTUNE N4 ENGINE

To do Tippet setting fast of all we have to open Tippet cover, after opening Tippet cover we have to rotate the engine to get to the fast timing the Tippet setting of this NEPTUNE N4 ENGINE will be in two rounds of engine, in the first round we have to set 4 rocker Will be, and in the second round we have to do four rower settings, so let’s understand how to set the Tippet of NEPTUNE N4 ENGINE,

NEPTUNE N4 ENGINE Wall setting at how many mm, let’s say, this engine has 4 cylinders. One cylinder has four walls on top, similarly 4 cylinders have total 16 walls, with four cylinders in one cylinder. Has two INLET and two ADJUST walls, a smaller INLET wall and a larger ADJUST wall, so as soon as we rotate the engine and take the engine to the timing, we have to set the rocker at that time, INLET wall 0.60mm And ADJUST wa Setting to 0.70mm To set the Tippet, the type gauge needs to place the gauge between the top of the elephant foot and below the rocker, a screw is placed above the rocker to set the Tippet and the screw A lock nut is set up, loosening that locket, then loosening the screw, the Tippet will be inserted, and if tight, the jam will occur, you can set the Tippet by applying the Neptune n4 engine Tippet gauge. Are.

To match the Neptune N4 Engine Tippet we first have to rotate the engine, so let’s start rotating the engine and there is a 1/4 mark on top of a flywheel plate, that mark has a hole in the top of the flywheel housing from the fly wheel. The way is to keep watching the engine as soon as 1/4 of the way comes, then stop the engine rotating, then check the rocker, whether 1/2 number is free from the front, or 7/8 number is free from the back, first round. A To set the type we need to be 1/2 wall free, the time for 1/2 wall has come, then we can start adding the Neptune Engine Tippet, if it is not, then bring the engine to the same place, rotating one more round, And if we want to start Tippet then first we have to set the tight of 1 number, 2 number, 4 number and 5 number, after that we have to set the second round Tippet,

Friends, after setting the Tippet of the first round the engine will have to rotate one round, rotate the engine to the same place where we set the Neptune Engine Tippet in the first round, once check the mark of 1/4, the engine second After the round comes to the timings, we have to start Tippet Adjusting, as we told in the first round, to set the type of 1 number, 2 number, 4 number and 5 number, similarly the second part of the engine 8 number und No. 7 to No. 6 and Tippet Adjusting number 3 crying,

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