Tata Prima BS-4 Engine Pump Timing and Pump Fitting Step by.

Tata Prima BS-4 Engine Pump Timing and Pump Fitting Step by.


Tata Prima BS-IV Engine Pump timing and pump fitting how to step by step hello friends i am Ravi Kharkate today we are going to tell with the help of a blog post how to Make Pump Timing and pump fitting Tata Prima BS-IV Engine Step by step,

Pump Timing & Pump Fitting
To make the Pump Timing Setting And Pump Fitting of the Tata Prima BS-IV Engine, the first thing we need to do is to put an oring near the place where the pump comes, first of all let us know that the pump fitting in the Tata Prima BS-4 Engine There is no timing to do pump fitting. Neither pump nor engine timing has to be added. A high pressure pump is there. Now we have to do pump fitting. The place where the pump fitting is to be made is given 3 stand of 13 number and the pump and the hole of the pump is pushed together and the pump has to be pushed straight in. Easily the pump will be Fitting if The Pump is not fitting easily. You can make The Pump Fitting by turning the engine slightly upside down, after which, by pumping the pump’s number 13 nut, you have to tighten the three nuts properly.

Pump Accissories Fittings
To do the pump assembly accessories of Tata Prima BS-IV Engine, first of all we have to do diesel main fitting, before cleaning diesel main pipe, take out the diesel main pipe and clean it with pressure, after that pump now we will do fourth pipe fitting. Which is installed in the rail from the pump, after this, the fifth pipe fitting which comes from the rail and engine to the diesel return pump, the connection of the two pipes remains in the same pipe and The pipe goes straight to the diesel tech and returns to the fitting, in addition to this, the pump also has a pump slonite which is Controlled by ECM. The biggest function in this Pump is The ECM which keeps all the data to make all these AC series fittings. After the head primer is placed above the filter, The High Pressure Pump is to be run till the diesel is filled in the diesel filter, then after pumping the diesel return pipe from the pump, lightly remove the air. After he is to make tight return pipe Now we have to start the engine for Ideal Engine Start to Ideal for 5 minutes then work Start of I

So friends, you can also do Pump Fitting of Tata Prima BS-IV Engine. Step by step.

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