Tata GB-20 GearBox Fitting Step by Step Part-3 full details,

Tata GB-20 GearBox Fitting Step by Step Part-3 full details,

Tata GB-20 Ger Box Fitting Process

To Gear box fitting, first of all we have to follow some steps like: –
(1) Counter Soft Fitting,
(2) reverce gear fitting,
(3) Main Soft Fitting,
(4) Top Cover Fitting,                                           

Counter Soft Fitting

To do the counter soft fitting, first of all we have to insert the Tata GB-20 Gear Box counter assembly into the gear casing, then fit the counter bearing cones on both sides and lock the counter bearing cone to lock the gir casing. From the outside side there is a bandage above the counter bearing cone so that we can check the setting and play of the counter, against the lock bar which is installed to set the counter. Dassault will jam on free will under tight counter to Luz let us not take free nor drink we set according to the counter setting,

(a) Tata gb-20 gear box open step by step
(b) Tata gb-20 gear box mainshoft assy.

Reverse Gear Fitting

The reverse gear has to be fitted with two needle roller bearings. After applying the lower bearing, we have to apply a lock to the gear casing. A collar is made in the pin, the cut collar should be on the side of the main soft, after that hit the pin lightly with a hammer and then we have to apply reverse gear fork. The Non-changer pad before applying Rk then give the Fark bolt together to make fitting Fark reverse gear by tight

Main Shoft Fitting

In the previous post, I have described how I assemble the soft Tata GB-20 Gear Box Main soft assembly is to slit a number in non-casings from the non-side to the main soft fitting, then straighten the main soft and the bearing fitting. We have to make mylo meter gear from the back side also after fitting it. After this, we have to fit the gear box balancing cover with the icel before fitting the balancing cover. Make sure the packing is in the balancing cover. Total number 13 is 9 bolt. All bolts have to be tightly mixed, then we have to tighten the main soft check net by fitting the tata gear box coupling. Now we have to make the top soft fitting. Have to apply the top soft bearing before fitting the top soft, after that the top soft fitting has to be done, keeping the top soft in the center. Tapping is to keep moving our top soft until the bering sits in its place. Then after packing in the top of the gear box, make the fitting and tighten it with all the bolts. Total number 13 seems to be 9 bolts, now We have to do the top cover fitting,

Top Cover Fittings

To make the top cover fitting, first of all we have to make the packing by fitting the top cover face and while fitting the top cover, it is to be noted that whether the fork is sitting properly in its place or not, if it is properly fitting then the top cover Tighten all the bolts and check all the gear, it is not coming,

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