Tata Cummins 4BT Engine Pump Timing

Tata Cummins 4BT Engine Pump Timing and Fitting How to Step

Tata Cummins 4BT Engine Pump Timing

Tata Cummins 4BT Engine Pump Timing & Fitting Hello friends Ravi Khatarate Today we are going to tell you with the help of a block post how to do Pump Timing and Pump Fitting step by step full details of Tata Cummins 4BT engine.

Basic Information Pump Fitting
To do the pump fitting of Tata Cummins 4BT engine, first of all we have to open the type cover of the engine, after that we have to Adjust The Timing of the engine, then we have to Set The Timing of the pump and then do the pump fitting.

Engine Timing Settings
To Set The Timing of the engine, the first thing we need to do is to rotate the engine and bring the piston of the 1 and 4 number cylinders into the top. To check the top, we can check by pressing the rotor of the 1 or 4 number cylinders with a screwdriver either of the pulleys. The mark remains above, you can also bring another four number cylinder piston to the top by bringing it to the mark. After going to the top, check the number 1 2 5 number of the rower and check if it is free or not. Iming come if then free is not double-twisting round the engine to bring the mark mean like now to Timing Setting us pumped I

Pump Timing Setting & Fitting
Before Fitting The Pump, we have to set the Timing of The Pump, then the first thing is to open the planer plate of the pump, after that the pump’s soft has to be rotated upright and slowly and a number of pumps have to place the planar 0.25mm above the top. The Pump Will be Advanced on a date after that a key is placed in the soft of the pump and the key of the pump remains in the pump, now we have to do the pump fitting. The key is to mix the galvanized fittings. Once the pump is fitted, one must see if the key is seated properly or if it is seated properly, then the pump soft nut has to be tightened, after that the pump has four 17 number nuts and Put the pump in the center and tighten it. Now we have to install all the ancillaries of the pump like diesel pipe nozzle pipe stop cable accelerator cable cap plunger plate, after that remove the air of the pump and the engine star You have to I

So guys, you can also do inline Pump Fitting of Tata Cummins 4BT Engine in the same way

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