Tata GB-20 Gearbox Remove Step by step, Part-1 full details

Open Tata GB-20 Gear Box Step By Step,

To open the tata gb-20 gear box, first of all we have a bolt of 4 nos. 22 in the clutch housing, that bolt has to be opened and the housing is to be hit slightly by the hammer. The housing will come out in the top.

Top Cover Open

To open the top cover, we first have to put 10 bolts of 13 numbers in the top cover and open the top cover and take out the top cover.

How to Open Mainshoft

To open the main soft, first of all we have to open the tata gb-20 gear box chillum and the top soft, then open the main soft nut and the ger benhensing cover.

How to Open Mainshoft

To open tata gb-20 gear box  chillum, open the 9 bolts of number 13 and take out the tata gear box chillum, after that pull the top soft and the side soft on the top of the tata gear box is in the side from the hammer. Mild light bruising is top soft will slowly come out.

(b) Tata gb-20 gear box mainshoft assy.
(c)  Tata gb-20 gear box fitting step by step

Main Shoft Nut and Gear Balancing Cover Open

To do main softening first of all we need to apply double gir, what will be the mainsoft lock, then you can open the main soft nut comfortably, after opening the main soft nut, open the compiling cover, cover There is a 9 number bolt of 13 to open, open all the bolts and take out the non-balancing cover, then remove the mielometer gears, after that the tata gb-20 gear box of Man Soft Area felt a bearing in the face, take out the Bering then we have to take up further by removing a bit behind the main soft, Maine Soft will come out easily. Counter soft open To open the counter soft with gear facing, we first have to pull out Day gear.

Reverce Gear Open

To reverse gear from inside side reverse gear is to hit Kevin slowly three out of hammer and long screw driver will slowly come out will come out slowly after that take out reverse gear. After that take the counter soft with a hammer in the middle, the counter’s bering phone will go out, then after that the counter slant from one side and exit. Can l have I

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