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Pump Timing Setting & Fitting Tata 1210 Engine Step By Step

How to make pump fitting of tata 1210 engine,

Pump pump fitting, hi guys i am going to tell you with the help of ravi kharkata and today a block post, how to do pump timing and pump fitting. Step by step,

What to do before fitting the pump
Before fitting the pump, we have to rotate the engine and mix the timing, after that we will have to mix the timing of the pump as well, how to adjust the timing, let’s understand.

Engine timing settings,
To do the pump fitting we first have to open the typed cover, then we have to start rotating the engine, then we have to press and hold the number rocker lightly with a screwdriver, and keep rotating the engine, rotating the engine 1/6 The piston has to be brought into the top, keep in mind while rotating the engine, that as soon as the piston touches the wall, at that time it will be known that the piston has started to heat up, such as from the pistol. Touch, at that time the engine has to rotate slowly and bring the piston to the top, as soon as the engine comes in the top, after that we have to check the wall, which wall is jammed, and which one is free. , We have to be one number and two numbers one free to mix the timing, and the number 11 should be jammed and the number 12 should be a little free, so here it is, the engine fitting of the pump fitting is done, after this we also mix the friends pump timing is They mix, they also mix.

Pump Timing Setting.
To set the timing of the pump, we have to open the flanger plate of the pump, the pump plunger plate is fitted with two alcine bolts, open it and take out the plate, after that we have to slowly rotate the pump gear to a number plunger top. To bring the temperature in the heat from the bottom to the top, we had previously told that setting the timing of both the engine and the pump to make the pump fitting Dta, now we have set the timing of the engine and pump both, is to start with then we pump fittings.

Start fitting the pump.
Before fitting the pump, the pump’s mark has a mark on the top of the date, and open the oil where the cape is placed in the engine, then see that there is a mark mark bar on the place, the pump A date advance of the pump from that passage bar of the timing gear means to place the pump up by putting a date above it, then tie the 5 bolts of the pump to the number 13, and check the pump’s position after the fit is correct. Is the fitting done Yes, if properly fitting, tighten the Pleasure Plate, then fitting all the diesel lights and accessories of the pump, then change the diesel line and diesel filter new, remove the air from the nozzle pipe and start the engine. Take the engine start, take it out and start the engine, start the engine, similarly you can make the pump fitting of the engine of Tata 1210 engine.

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