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Open Crown Wheel Pinion From Tata 1210, Step by Step Details

How to open Tata 1210 Crown Pinion

Today we are going to tell you through this blog post how to open the Crown Wheel Pinion Gear of Tata 1210  step by step in Hindi

To open the crown wheel pinion first we have to remove the gear oil, then we have to loosen the pinion check net, then open the axle, then open the Crown Wheel Pinion Gear and then the catch body


To open the axle we have to put 6 bolts of your number on the axle plate, open all the bolts and take out the axle plate, after that one has to hit one of the hammers in the top above the axle if the axle will come out. If the axle does not come out from hitting the axle, then one screw is to be stuck in the hole of the axle and the lighter screw is to be lifted and pulled outwards, the axle will come out in the same way. The also take out the axle, remove the fit around the outside,

To open the crown cover is attached to the back side. Open all the bolts of that crown wheel gear cape and take out the cape. After that there is a 4 bolt of number 24 in the crown cape. Open the bolt and pull it out. Before opening the Le Crown wheel gear cape, there is a bandage on each side to lock the cap check net. Open it first, then open the cape and make sure that the side of which the cape is open. Confirms that side of belongings such as Crown Bering Czech net should be in the same side now take us out of the Crown wheel,

To open the pinion, it was first told that the pinion check is to be kept by loosing the net, so it was told earlier to loosen the check that the pinion becomes free after the crown wheel gear is out, then you will open the check net of the pinion. So the pinion will turn around, so let’s open the chain first, then the coupling has to be removed, then the pinion adjusting check net is to be opened. Pilot killed hurt by removing the lock of the Bering Crown side pinion will gradually exit pinion of Hammer then we have to Crown and catch body open,

An axle has to be pulled out to open the catch body and the spider gears in the catch body have to be stuck in the axle gears and put a screwdriver. What will happen between the spider gears when the crown and the bolt of the catch body open Time will not rotate the crown and you can easily open the bolt and change the crown spider non,

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