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Neptune N4 Engine Came & Rocker Shaft Fitting & Timing Part3


Neptune N4 Engine Came & Rocker Shaft Fitting & Timing Part-3 Hello friends I am Ravi Kharkhate and today we are going to tell you through a blog post how the came shaft and rocker shaft of NEPTUNE N4 ENGINE fitting step by step,

We have to take some steps into consideration before starting the fitting. Such as engine timing, came shaft timing, and rocker shaft fitting, understand how to run.

First of all, we have to mix the timing by rotating the engine, after that we mix the timing of Crack Gear, Ideal Gear, and Pump Gear. There are 2 marks above the Ideal Gear, the first mark is the mixing time of Crack Gear and the second mark is To match the timing of the pump, the engine must be rotating while observing that the Ideale Gear should match the mark of the crank non and the Ideale non should match the mark of the pump gear. A similar mix engine timing is we came shaft fittings SMT and not remain after the

Before fitting the came shaft, we should clean the place where the came shaft is fitting, then do the fitting of the came shaft, then while fitting the bending of the came shaft, note that the collaring of the bearing means that the bearing means If the cut part is properly fitted or not, if the bearing is properly fitting, then put the engine oil slightly above the bearing, then the same type of came shaft cape Ing take, and Came Safety Cap also isle in the Bering, is then Came shaft fitting to let proceed. There is a cut on the top of the came shaft. You have to mix the timings by applying SMT in that place. If you do not have SMT to match the timing of the came shaft, then it does not matter if you can mix the timings of the SMT as well. . On the place where SMT is applied on the top of the came shaft, there is a cut in the shaft, in the cut shaft one side is thick and on the other side there is a thin cut. Meaning should come in the top, you can see the photo below for more information Then after fitting the after fitting we have to install the cap of the came shaft, and after applying the cap, all the bolts have to be tightened lightly with the fix spinner. You have to keep in mind that right now We do not have to use a torque wrench until our rocker is shaft fitting.

Before we make the rocker shaft fittings, we should clean the place where the rocker shaft is fitting, after that we have to fit the Elephant Foot over the ones. The Elephant Foot is a fitting over the two ones. 8 Nos. Elephant Foot is to be installed, Elephant Foot is made with a side cut. The cut part is to be placed side by side inside the engine. Pay attention when fitting, then stop and make the soft fitting. Is the rocker shaft stays in two parts, after the rocker shaft we have to apply the total 6 bolt and tighten it with light hands, after that we have to use torque reinforcing, as we said earlier, the bolt of the chem soft is also light. To tighten the hands, but now we have to torque the bolts of both the chem soft and the roker soft into the torque 70nm, and between the shaft and rocker shaft while hitting the torque Not to get on the outside putting torque.

Friends, similarly, you can make a rocket fitting of Ashok Leyland Neptoon engine

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