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Injector Fitting in Neptune N4 Engine FuLL Details Step By S


Injector Fitting in Neptune N4 Engine FuLL Details Step By Step in Hindi Hello Friends I am Ravi Kharkhate and today we are going to tell you through this blog post that how the nozzle is fitting, let us understand further.

We have to follow some steps before fitting injector, first we need to (1) injector fitting, (2) injector connector (3) injector wiring harness (4) injector pipe (5) tippet cover fitting.

Before fitting the injector we should clean the head of the injector at the place where the injector is fitting, then in the injector point Apply the injector to all the injector by applying gris, then Fitting all injector by fitting the Injector bracket in the injector while applying the injector keep in mind that the injector hole in the injector is on the same side as the injector,

Before fitting the Injector connector we have to clean the injector connector hole thoroughly after that fitting all the injector connector After fitting, the connector has to be manually inhaled then after all the cap of the injector connector, After tightening, we have to tighten all the Injector bracket bolts,

When we do injector wiring harness fitting, first the coupler of the wiring harness will have to be pressed from inside to outside then after that the wiring harness’s bolt is to be fitting. Total five bolt bolt seems to get all the bolt tight then you will get the injector Two-two cables have to be put in the top of the injector and fitting it to the wiring is tight, now we have to do the Injector pipe fitting.

Before fitting the injector pipe we have to do the Common Rail System (CRS) fitting. After that we have to do the injector pipe fitting. Pay attention when fitting the injector pipe, the injector pipe is not to be bent to the pipe where the space according to the injector pipe numbering The fitting has to be fitted at the same place, after that you should fit all the injector pipe and tighten the pipe, tighten the pipe, tighten it and then install the rail sensor, all the G has been our fitting now let us remove air we found Handh timer for it. Bus. The hand primer rests on the water separator filter.

To do tippet cover fitting, first of all we have to clean the tippet cover properly, after that tippet cover should clean the place where the fitting is done and put the Tippet cover packing, then after fitting  tippet cover After fitting the tippet cover, you have to tighten all the board of the tippet cover.

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