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How To Set The Tippet Of Tata Cummins Engine BS3 Full Detail


How To Set The Tippet Step by step full details of Tata Cummins Engine BS-3 Hello friends, I am going to tell you today with the help of this blog post that how to Set The Tippet step by step of Tata Cummins Engine.

To Set The Tippet of the Tata Cummins engine, first of all we have to open all the accessories above the tippet cover, after that we have to open the tippet cover. To set the tippet cover, 5 mm Alenkey, ring 14-15 number and tippet gauge When setting the tippet, we need to set the type gauge below the ranker and above the elevant foot. The Tata Cummins engine BS-3 is set to INLET VOLVE 0.30MM and EXJUST VOLVE 0.50MM type. In order to specify settings before we bring the timing of the engine and Tata Cummins engine to tippet setting six Racker and six Racker in the second round in the first round of the settings in two rounds of tippet in engine.

The front side of the engine means to Set the tippet of the first round, the first thing we need to do is to rotate the engine to bring the piston of the 1/6 number cylinder into the top. Press and hold the engine slowly, as soon as the piston starts coming in the top, the screwdriver will know that the piston is in the top, then we have to check four more If the number five is pressed or not, then again the engine has to be rotated one round to the top and the number four and five will be pressed, then let us start Setting the tippet from the front side. Type one number two number three number six number seven number And the ten number total is to Set the tippet of six rankers with three inlets and three adjusted walls in the first round of the engine 1-2-3-6-7-10 thus Setting the tippet.

To do the engine second round Tippet setting, first of all we have to rotate the engine one round and bring the piston of another six number cylinder to the top in the same way that we brought the piston in the first round of the engine after turning the engine one round. Now we have to check whether the number ten is pressed or not, if the number ten is pressed, then we have to Set the tippet from the back of the engine first we are twelve number 11 number nine number eight Tippet setting of number five number and number four Ranker is to set tippet in three inlet and three adjust wall total 6 wall type in the first round of Engine 1-2-3-6-7-10 Thus type setting the typint in INLET VOLVE 0.30MM or 12 Thaw and EXJUST VOLVE 0.50MM or 20 Thaw To set the tippet there is a 14 number lock nut placed over the ranker. That lock nut has to be loosed and then we have to stop crying and Elephant F Figuring Tippet gauge in the middle of town again Aelnkin Skro will Skro will tight if is much less than would be tippet jam and tippet Deela to loose us Tippet settings according to Tippet gauge.

So friends, you can Set The Tippet of Tata Cummins BS-3 engine.

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