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How To Set The Timing of Tata Prima BS4 Engine Step By Step Full


How to Set The Timing of Tata Prima BS4 Engine Hello friends, I am Ravi Kharkhate going to tell you through a blog post how to Set The Timing of the Excavator Kamatsu PC210 Tata Prima BS4 Engine step by step full details,

Engine Timing Basic Information
To set the timing of the Tata Prima BS4 Engine, open the Hydraulic Pump from the rear side of the engine, then open the flywheel assembly, then we also have to open the flywheel housing, then open all the bolts of the Timing plate and pull the timing plate out. To be removed

Engine Timing Settings
To set the timing of the Tata Prima BS4 Engine, the first thing we need to do is to rotate the engine and bring the pistons number 1 and 6 into the top, after that the key is to place the creak gear on the creak. After the crake gear has to be mixed by fitting the key and now we have to set the timing of the engine. In Tata Prima BS4 Engine only two gear timing settings are (1) Crack and (2) The Tata Shaft Prima BS4 Engine of the came shaft gear does not have any Timing settings for the pump, only we have to set the timing of the creak and the cam gear, the mark on the crack gear has two dates on the outside side and one date on the side outside the chem gear. But Mark seems to Match that crack and Came Gear’s mark means to be face-to-face between Crank Gear’s 2 Mark Came Gear’s Mark is in between then Came Gear To give tight then take timing plate with a good tight to take all Osiris by tight then.

Tata Prima BS4 Engine
Tata Prima BS4 Engine

So friends, you can also set the timing of Tata Prima BS4 Engine in the same way.

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