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How To Rotary Pump Timing And Fitting Process of Cummins 6BT


Rotary Pump Timing and Fitting Process of Tata Cummins 6BT Engine Hello friends I am going to tell you today with the help of a block post how Rotary Pump Fittings do step by step full details of Tata Cummins 6BT engine,

Engine Timing Settings
To make the Rotary pump fitting of Tata Cummins 6BT engine, the first thing to do is to set the timing of the engine. To set the engine timing, we have to open the type cover and then rotate the engine slowly and bring another 6 number piston to the top of the engine. After another 6 numbers of Pistons come in the piston top, one and two numbers should remain free and the number 11 should be a bit jammed by stopping, you must check this, after that the timing set of Kem Ger There is a hole to match the chem timing just below the place where the Rotary pump is fitting. From that hole, we can mix the timing of the chem. How to match the timing of the chem. There is a small hole over the top. The hole is to be brought to the center of the timing hole. After bringing it to the center, we have to install a hull to lock the engine and lock the engine. The Engine Timing Setting will be done. Setting iming

Pump Timing Settings
To Set The Timing of the rotary pump, first of all we have to provide a 10 number bolt to lock the pump. That bolt is to be loosened, after that the soft of the pump is slowly rotated to a number nozzle firing position. After that the lock bolt of the pump has to be tightened. The timing of the pump will also be found and locked. Before fitting the pump to the engine, the timing of both Engine And Pump is mixed and locked. Programming we have now we Rotary Pump Fittings

Rotary Pump Fittings
To make Rotary Pump Fittings in Tata Cummins 6BT engine, keep in mind that the pump and pump gear have a key latch in that gal. The key should be fitting. When fitting the pump, pay attention if the pump soft in the ger gal. If the key is properly fitting, then tighten the pump with a soft nut and then tighten the pump stand with a nut, after the rotary pump is tight, the Engine And Rotary Pump How to unlock carefully. To unlock the

engine & pump unlock
engine & pump unlock

engine, put the timing pulley under the pump and remove it and reverse it. The engine will be unlocked. Similarly, the pump also has to be unlocked. 10 number of bolts to unlock the pump. To loosen and tie it with a lock bar, the pump will be unlocked, after that all the accessories of the pump have to be installed such as diesel pipe, nozzle pipe, accelerator cable, slonite air Ing, stop cable fitting l

Note: – Whenever you get Pump Nozzle Service or Repair done after that, the diesel main line and diesel tank should be cleaned and the fuel and water suppressor filter should be changed.

So guys, you can do Rotary Pump Fittings likewise, step by step of Tata Cummins 6BT engine,

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