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How To Remove Wheel Hub From Ashok Leyland 2518 Full Details


How To Remove Wheel Hub From Ashok Leyland 2518 Full Details Friends, today we are going to tell you through a post that how to Remove wheel hub step by step,

Wheel Opening
Wheel Brake Drum Opening
Axle Opening
Wheel Hub Opening

To open the wheel one has to get and take The Wheel road, after that all the bolt nuts have to be loosened. The wheel has a total of 10 wheel bolts. All the wheel bolts have to be loosened, then jack the wheel a little. Have to lift, then open all The Wheel nuts and take out the wheel.

To open the Wheel Drum, first of all we have to put 2 bolts of side 17 number on the outside of the brake drum, we have to open it, then we have to loosen the brake from the brake adjuster, then we have to lightly hit the side hammer behind the Wheel Break Drum Either put a screwdriver and pull the Break Wheel Drum from the rear side towards us. The brake drum will come out, now we have to open the axle.

To open the axle has a total of 21 numbers 8 studs the nut of that stud has to be opened, then the top of the axle has to be hit with a heavy hammer from the hammer. Axel will come out if the axle does not come, screws and hammer Can kick the axle out by hitting the joint.

There is a lock bolt to lock the Wheel Hub check nut. The number 14 lock bolt is to be opened and then the spanner is to be pulled out of the check nut and then The Wheel Hub is pulled out and then the small bearing is removed. Also have to be ejected. Now we have to pull the hub outward and hit it slowly behind the wheel hub from the hammer, the hub will slowly come out, if the hub does not come out from the hammering If it is, then the hub has to be pulled out using the Wheel Hub Puller, after that all the parts in the hub have to be taken out.

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