How to Pump Timing & Line Pump Fitting A/L. 2518 Hino Engine

How to Pump Timing & Line Pump Fitting A/L. 2518 Hino Engine


How to Pump Timing & Line Pump Fitting step by step full details of Ashok Leyland 2518 Hello friends I am  Ravi Kharkhate going to today we are going to tell you through a blog post how to make Pump Timing Setting and pump fitting First of all we need Engine Timing Setting is followed by setting the timing of the pump followed by pump fitting.

How To Set Engine Timing
To Set The Engine Timing, first of all we have to open the type cover, after that slowly rotate the engine slowly and bring the piston number 1 and 6 to the top. Check the top of the engine with The Flywheel Mark. Understand how the engine Behind that there is 1 hole above the flywheel housing, keep watching from that hole, a mark of 1/6 is given above the flywheel. To be matched, after that, one or two numbers have to be stopped by checking whether it is free or not, if it is free, it is okay if the Rocker is Jammed, then one round engine has to be rotated to 1/6 and 1/2 number is free Will be done,

How To Set Pump Timing
If the Timing of The Pump is ronged, then how do we Set The Timing? First of all we have to open the planer plate, after that, we have to rotate the pump non and bring a number planner into the top, then a cap of 27 number above the housing of the pump. It is supposed to open that cap, after that, look in that hole. A mark comes on the Top of The Pump rotor.

How To Pump Fitting
Pump fitting requires timing of both Engine And Pump, so we have mixed, now we have to do pump fitting. While fitting the pump, we have to keep the pump very straight, after that non mixing of the pump and push the pump in the pump. After Fitting The Pump Engine body, the fitting will be easily checked by marking the hole in the pump housing or not. After that, the number 5 nut 13 is nut in the circle of the pump. We have to tighten the nuts properly, after that we have to make the Planzer Plate Fittings, now we have to make all the accessories of the pump.

So guys, you can do line pump fittings of Ashok Leyland 2518 likewise.

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