How To Kingpin Setting And Pin Fitting of Ashok Leyland 2518

How To Kingpin Setting And Pin Fitting of Ashok Leyland 2518


How to Kingpin Setting and Fitting Hello guys I am Ravi Kharkhate and today through a blog post we are going to tell how to set up and fitting the Kingpin of Ashok Leyland 2518 Step by step First to do setting and fitting Kingpin in Hindi All the parts fitting in the spindle have to be cleaned thoroughly after that the kingpin starts fitting,

Kingpin Setting And Fitting Process
To kingpin first thing we need to do is bush fitting in the spindle, then pick up the spindle and then fit the pin after that and then slowly hit the pin from the top, the pin will come down, now we have to bear the kingpin. Should be tight while inserting, if it is not tight then remove the pin and put a sim on top of the spindle. 0.00 mm should be between 0.04 mm. You can insert the SIM accordingly. The pin is to be fitted after inserting the SIM. Also the Kingpin Bearing has to be fitted. After the pin fitting, the hole of the quarter pin is to be mixed and one back and one Tighten it by applying quarter pins from the back and one side to the side, after that the play has to be checked. You can check with the dial gauge. FA-90 AXLE should keep the play from 0.00 mm to 0.00 4 mm. If the play is right, then you have to tighten the bolt by Setting the kingpin up and down the camp, then we have to tighten the bolt of the tire road and push road.

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Break Liner Fittings
To do brake liner fitting first we have to tighten the 8 bolts of 19 number by fitting the brake liner bracket and then fitting grease in the brake cam soft and also fitting the brake Richard and the brake chamber also by fitting the chamber. We have to tighten the brake pipe after fixing it. Now we have to make the brake liner fittings. Spring before fitting the brake liner Magistrate fitting to keep up keep up the bracket to put both side brake roller then,

Wheel hub fittings
To the Wheel hub fitting, first we have to seal the seal fitting, after that we have to install the girlish as well as fill the bearing in the bearing and make the big bearing fitting in the hub and the hub is sewn. Fitting in the spindle is followed by fitting the bearing distant sleeve and SIM, then fitting the small bearing then the fly washer fitting, then after that check the nut full Tighten it as well as turn the hub and check if the hub is jammed, then lock the check nut with a sprint pin to lock it, then after greasing the hub and fitting all 10 The bolt of the number has to be tightened, after which the brake drum is cleaned and fitting.

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So guys, you can do Ashok Leyland 2518 and do Kingpin Setting and fitting.

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