zf s6 gear box fitting

ZF S6-36 Gearbox Fitting Step By Step Part-3 Full Details…


ZF S6-36 Gearbox Fitting first of all we have to clean all the parts that are fitting in the Gearbox casing, then we have to do the ZF S6 Gear Box Fitting.

To do the Mainshoft And Counter Shoft Fittings, first of all we have to make the gearbox housing upright which means the top cover is upright from the top cover side then after fitting the reverse gear soft in the Mainshoft assembly and fitting it in the gir casing. While fitting, it is to be kept in mind that whether the main shoft and reverse gear shoft have been fitted in their place or not, then we need Fitting on the non slider by planting the bros tree, similarly in the number five and six fark, you should also make the bros tree and fit it in the slider, after that the counter assembly has to be fitted in the ZF S6 Gearbox Housing. This has to be done, this will make the counter fitting easily, now we have to do a shoft fitting of number one and two number and it will be done One has to do a lock shoft fitting of three and four numbers in the same way and lock it with forty four number bolts, after that packing the top cover and fitting the top cover. Tighten all the seven number bolts of the lower top cover. Have to do it, after that, reverse the Gearbox and apply the coupling by applying the ZF S6-36 Gearbox oilseal from the back side and then check the main shoft checknut,

Two ideale needle roller bearings have to be fitted inside the Reverse idealer non, then the Reverse idealer gear is fitted in the gear casing for fitting. Then we have to reverse the Reverse Idealer Gear pin from the back of the non housing. The pin will be lightly hit on top of the pin, after that the pin will be fitting. After that, lock your number with a bolt and lock your number with bolt. Pin should be locked. Will go.

Before applying ZF S6 Gear Slector, check all the non-invitations such as reverse, one number, two number, three number, four number, five number, six number, check all the number of non-ger, whether it looks non-correct or not after that. Tighten all bolts by fitting packing on selector face, check once again with all non-fittings. Now, ZF S6 Gearbox Accesiries have to be fitting like mylo meter non, adapters, reverse detect plunger, reverse lie Switch, and neutral to all the fittings Gear switch.

To do clutch housing fitting, first of all we have to stand the ZF S6-36 Gearbox straight, then make the clutch housing fitting then tighten all the stand nuts and then release the bearing fitting.

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