BS6 Tata Prima 5530.s Review And Full Specification Latust 2020

BS6 Tata Prima 5530.s Review And Full Specification Latust 2020

Tata Prima Technical Specification

BS6 Tata Prima 5530.s This vehicle is Tata Motors All New Tata Prima 5530.s bs6 facelift This vehicle is based on the new premium top design of Tata Motors which gives this vehicle a great look, this vehicle is a CV tractor ie That Heavy Commercial is going to come in the tractor segment which has GCW (Gross Combination Weight) 55 tonne recently launched by Tata Motors at Auto Expo in Delhi. In this post about this vehicle Switch to talking about,

Engine Specification
Talking about the engine, the Cummins ISBE 6.7L-6 Cylinder inline 6700cc diesel BS6 engine in this vehicle gives maximum power of 300hp at 2300RPM and torque of 1100 NM with strong torque of 1100 to 1700 RPM. Complaint makes its new after treatment process
Doc = Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
DPF = Diesel Particulate Filtration
SCR = Selective Catalytic Petition
ASC = Ammonia Slip Catalyst

Talking about the gear box, the Tata Prima 5530.S has been used in Tata G-1150 DD 9 Speed ​​Manual Gearbox 430mm Diameter with single DRY Friction type clutch which gives the vehicle a climbing capacity of 15.58% Gratebility.

Speaking of suspension, the Tata Prima 5530.s features a Parabolic Leaf Spring Suspension Hydraulic Telescopic Shock with Absorbers and Rubber Bushing on the front axle, which perfectly complements the driver comfort, with the rear balance bin bogie type on its rear axle. Suspension Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring and Rubber Moment Torque Root and V-Roat has been used in the Tata Prima 5530.S Dual Virakt Full Air S-Cam Brakes System which is a full air brake system that also stops the loaded car. Is capable of

Weight And Dimensions
The GCW (Gross Combination Weight) of this vehicle is 55 tons. The wheelbase of this vehicle is 3890 mm. This vehicle has a diesel power of 365 liters. Talking about the electrical system, this vehicle has 12V.-12V. Two batteries have been installed, which are both 24 volts, and this vehicle has a tire of 295/90 R20. There is currently no information about the price and mileage of this vehicle. Friends, the Auto Expo in Delhi Tata Motors has recently launched this vehicle

Tata Prima 5530.S Stylish
About some of the special features of Tata Prima 5530.S, this vehicle uses Tata Prima’s under stylish Sleeper cabin which gives a beautiful look to this vehicle, as well as cabin cabin of 4.0, which drives It makes the cabin manvelly hydraulic portable quite comfortable so that the engine is easy to work in this car like an adjustable seat AC power steering GSA only Was Adwansr and driving mode so the car will be easier to travel long

Safety Features
Talking about safety features, HSA (Hill Start Assist) in Tata Prima 5530.S BS6, which is considered a very suitable feature while climbing, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System) LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System ) Along with that the fuel tank with polymer material which also has anti-thot feature, the rest of the diesel can be stopped, along with the real parking assist camera.



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