BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Mining Tipper Full Review and Specificat

BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Mining Tipper Full Review and Specificat

Tata Prima 3530 specification

BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Mining Tipper Full Review Under Specification Hello friends today we are going to tell you with the help of block post what is the specification of BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Mining Tipper

Technical specification
About Tata Motors’ New Mining Tipper BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Variant This vehicle carries the new premium tuff design language of Tata Motors and is a CV tipper in the Tata Construct range of heavy commercial vehicle tipper strongmen. Come, we will get more and More information about this vehicle, the vehicle is quite spectacular in appearance and friends today. All the carts had seen the most beautiful that drove me to one of those cars, Tata Motors’s new Premium Tap design language they know, let the car’s good looks and shines BS6 Tata Prima 3530 about the technical specifications I


Engine specification
Talking about the engine, this vehicle has Cummins ISBE 6.7 Liter 6700cc 6 Cylinder Inline Diesel BS-6 Engine DOC– (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) DPF– (Diesel Particle Filtration) SCR– (Selective Catalytic) The system of Reduction) ASC– (Ammonia slip catalyst) has been used. This engine gives maximum power to this vehicle at 300 HP-2300RPM and torque of 1100NM gives 1100-1700RPM power.

Gearbox specification
Talking about the gear box, the BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Mining Tipper has a ZF 1115 TD Gearbox with a 9 speed manual gear box 430mm Diameter Single Plate Dry Friction Tyep Clutch and this car on the airbox collar gear 53% Gribilite provides the ability to climb.

Suspension and axle
Speaking of suspension, the front axle of this vehicle has been used with Compensating Linkage Parabolic Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorbers and the first two axles are 1 & 2 Steerable Axles (Heavy Duty Straight Axles). The axle Planetary Hub Relation with Fully Floating Axle Shafts has been given and this is the power axle. Speaking of suspension, heavy duty bogey suspension has been used on the rear suspension which is quite beneficial for the mining vehicles BS6 Tata Prima 3530 in Tihapar main service brake circuit Dubl full Arisskam is able to break that has been preventing the car i


Weight and dimensions
The GVW of this vehicle is 35000 kg (35 Ton). Talking about the rear tipper body, the mining body is 19 CUM (7 Brass Approx) This vehicle will have a base of 5250mm. This vehicle has a diesel tank of 365 liter electric. Talking about the system, 24v in this vehicle. Electronic system ie 12v. + 12v. Two batteries of this vehicle have been given 12 × 24 (20 PR) Mining Tire, Friends: Tata Motors has recently launched this vehicle at the Auto Expo in Delhi, BS6 Tata Prima 3530 Tipper Price and There is no information about mileage right now, as soon as the market comes, we will tell you about the price and mileage.

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